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Windrecht in Griechenland mit 38 MW - Investor gesucht! - Project Rights Offer Windfarm 38 MW Greece

 Windrecht in Griechenland mit 38 MW - Investor gesucht! - Project Rights Offer Windfarm 38 MW Greece
Project Rights Offer - We are looking for an Investor!

Windfarm with 38 MW in Greece

Location: Greece

Technical Specifications

Rated Capacity: 19 x 2 MW each, 38 MW

Hub Height: 78 m

Rotor Diameter: 90 m

Wind Speed: 6.6 m/s; on average according to wind certificate

Full Load Hours: 2,295 h

Grid Connection Distance: 3.3 km; 1.7 km – 20 kV and 1.6 km – 150 kV

Annual Energy Output P50: 87,211,700 kWh p. a.

Capacity Factor: 26.20 %

Manufacturer: Permission can be rescheduled to any turbine


Feed – in Tariff: To be awarded at an auction in February or March 2018
1 st and 2 nd Quarter of 2017: 83.7 € / MW – 89.1 €/MW

All permits are available except the last possible grid
condition. All that follows is the notification of the building
Permit (21 days)

Secured Ground: All surfaces including the traffic areas are secured

Ground lease: Free from the time of starting construction

Duration: 25 years

Purchase Price Due: 35 % after auction and RTB – status,
65 % at commissioning

Purchase: Share Deal
Price Project Rights: € 4,864,000 including lease freedom for 25 years

Mediators request futile!

This teaser does not claim to be complete. Subject to alteration, errors and prior sale. Further documents will be provided upon receipt of LOI and proof of capital. It is not applicable for banks and large fund companies. Offer is free.

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